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In the SCA, we undertake to research and recreate (rather than reenact) the best parts of the Middle Ages, by performing primary research and by teaching our peers.

For those new to the Society, we offer a Newcomer's guide at the BaronialKingdom, and Society level.  If you have any further questions, please reach out to us here at

Some of the activities we have conducted in the past include:

  • Martial Activities
    • Armored Combat (uses rattan weapons and hard armor) (rules)
    • Rapier Combat (uses blunt steel weapons and soft armor (rules)
    • Archery & Thrown Weapons (non-combat activities) (rules)
  • Arts & Sciences Activities
  • This is any research into crafts and occupations performed by people in the Middle Ages.  Interests include:
    • Court Dancing -  folk and courtly dances and music common in the royal courts of France, Italy, and England, between the 14th and 16th centuries
    • Costuming - study in the different styles of dress across the centuries of the diverse cultures in contact with Europe prior to the seventeenth century, varying from Persian, to Frankish, to Roman, to Byzantine, and the cultures across North and South America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.
    • Heraldry Consultation - the study of Medieval Naming Practices and the style and design of period coats-of-arms, and designing your own personal heraldry for us in the society.
    • Performance Arts - study, re-creation, and performance of original works of instrumental, vocal, and poetic arts in a period style from the of the Middle Ages, with examples including (but not exclusive to) English ballads, French troubadours, Scandinavian skalds, and Middle-eastern drumming and dancing.